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No Spill - Bottled Water Sipper Cap

Kids want water too
Children love to copy their parents. If mom or dad routinely drink from a bottle of water, you can bet they will be asking for it too.

Until the invention of Lil' Topper though, most of the water in the bottle wound up on the child, in the stroller or car seat or on the couch or carpet. Even if a water bottle has a "Sports Top," kids won't always use it correctly (if they know how to use it at all).

It's also been found that the sports tops can be dangerous for children. Most companies have stopped making the "Child Size" small bottles with sports tops on them. There have been reports of children choking on the sliding portion of the top after chewing it off. The only safe answer when a child asks to have a water bottle with a sports top on it is "no."

Keep the strollers dry with Lil' TopperLil' Topper gives you a "Yes!" - Yes, to water in that bottle they want to use. Yes, to the water they need to be drinking. Yes, with the peace of mind that they're not going to get hurt using traditional "sports tops."

And, since it's "No-Spill," You'll have dry strollers, dry car-seats, dry couches, and dry carpet too.

Lil' Topper is great for travel! You don't need a bulky cup and top (like a traditional "Sippy Cup"). Just pop Lil' Topper in a diaper bag and buy water where ever you happen to be.

Whether you're at the mall, an amusement park, a convenience store or a restaurant; there's sure to be a bottle of water that Lil' Topper will fit. You can give to your child water with Lil' Topper and know that everything will stay dry.

Lil' Topper is great for: family vacations, riding in the car, birthday parties, day care, home care, grandparent care, walking, biking, sailing, boating, flying, riding the train, riding the bus, and much much more.

Give them as a gift at a birthday party, or as party favors. Kids love 'em!!